Traveling The Lost Road

She had everything she had ever wanted.

Marinette is a professional avatar. Before her there was no such thing, so she made it up. With her cutting-edge cybernetic implants, she can stream her experiences directly to her audience, allowing them to savor everything she feels precisely as if they were her. From cave-diving the Sapphire Caverns of Arcturus to windsurfing the Mobius Rings of Vega. No destination is too expensive, no resort too exclusive.

When her ratings begin to tank, Marinette hatches a wild plan to venture out into the Maelstrom, a dangerous cyclone in space-time beyond the edge of explored space. But who would be crazy enough to take her out there?

He had everything he ever dreamed of.

Beau wasn’t beholden to anyone or anything. He came and went as he pleased, following the currents of subspace far out beyond the frontier and into the wilds. With his trusty ship Traveler by his side, he saw things no one had ever seen before, went places no one had ever been before. His wealth was the richness of freedom, the sacred peace of solitude. The endless wonders of space were his to behold.

When Marinette blackmails Beau into taking her with him on his next voyage into the Maelstrom, they both immediately drive each other crazy. She thinks he’s a bore, while he finds her hopelessly impractical. But the Maelstrom is a far more dangerous place than Marinette ever anticipated, and when her gleeful attempts to get good footage gets them in trouble, they will have to rely on one another if they are to have any hope of surviving.

But as dangerous as the badlands are, they are nothing compared to the darkness that has followed them out there. And as time goes on, a dark secret from the past threatens to consume them body and soul as they Travel the Lost Road.
All content by Aaron Lee Yeager © 2017