Sirend, Lord of Waters, and Reinala, Godmother of Land, have split the world in two after their bitter divorce. For daring to love in defiance of the war, Tharros, God of Courage, and Estia, Goddess of Medicine were stripped of their immortality as a warning to all other gods.

Now reborn as a mortal human, Storgen makes his living as a painter, completely unaware of his former divinity. In every painting he creates, there is always somewhere in it the same beautiful woman with lavender hair. The image of her is in his heart every night when he goes to sleep, and in his mind every morning when he wakes up. Though he does not know if she even exists, he searches day and night, traveling from town to town, driven by a desperate need to be reunited with his lost love, even though he can no longer remember her.

But on his journey he finds himself developing feelings for his best friend, a forest nymph named Philiastra, and when he gets into trouble with local law officials, he finds himself enchanted by the bewitching beauty of an amazon huntress named Erolina. To make matters worse, when he finally bumps into Estia, now reborn as a siren named Agaprei, not only does she not remember him, but wants absolutely nothing to do with him.

As Sirend and Reinala gather their forces for one final battle to end the war for all time, the world is thrown into chaos, and when the ruthless Goddess of the Harvest, Ambera, discovers Storgen's true identity, she hatches a plan to unseat the elder gods and place herself upon the throne.

As the world of Galados teeters on the brink of collapse, Storgen must save the woman he loves the most. But who will Storgen choose? The forest nymph, the amazon, or the siren?

Only you can decide.

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