I Am Going To Salt Lake Comic Con!

Okay, you guys are going to love this.  I will be attending the Salt Lake City Comic Con in September.

In addition to the writing panels I usually do, this year at Comic Con is going to be especially cool.  I've put together a pair of game shows.  That's right, game shows, complete with prizes, lovely ladies, a game board, sound effects, and everything.  It's going to be amazing, and I am soo looking forward to it.  I love conventions, I really do, it's when I get to be around my people.  I enjoy conventions so much this year I wanted to give something back.  :)

I don't have the exact schedule yet, but the plan is to do Anime Jeopardy on Thursday morning, and Disney Jeopardy on Saturday night, so make plans to come by.  The lovely ladies will be throwing out prizes into the audience, and we may even have a visit from a dinosaur.  We'll see, shhh, it's a secret!

You can buy tickets for the Comic Con by clicking HERE.

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